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An online education and community platform connecting global female founders to resources and strategies to start, grow and scale their small businesses

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Why Founder Table?

Many small businesses are creating new and innovative solutions to serve their customers and support other companies. Small Businesses are the backbone of our society and contribute significantly to our economy.

However, running a small business can be pretty demanding and risky. As a small business owner, you wear many hats, from the leaders, to managing daily operation, accounting, marketing, sales and hiring. Sometimes, some of these important factors in building a successful business are ignored or slipped. This is why we share proven insights and strategies that can help small busines owners to build businesses that work even when they are not able to handle everything.

This is what Founder Table is all about – helping small business owners to build a successful and sustainable business. We are committed to providing practical, proven insights and resources to enable you to build a better restaurant, a better business and most importantly, a better life for you, your family and the entire team of associates. Ebere Akadiri has been a small business owner for over 23years, with bumps at the early stages, which she overcame through perseverance and with the help of experienced mentors and consultants. She now wants to share those tools and strategies that helped her overcome the bumps.

Ebere Akadiri

Our Success Model

Through our over 23 years of business experience and interviewing several successful busines owners, we have found 5 key components of building sustainable business success. Our resources, training and courses help small busines owners to become better business leaders, understand their numbers and create a great culture, implement strategies and systems that enable the businesses to run even when the owner stop working. Focusing on these critical competencies lead to better business results – more focus, more freedom and more revenue and impact.

Our Impact

According to several reports, 80% of small businesses fail in their first year. Often, the owners have little or no understanding of what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business. Building a successful business from scratch and making it successful is more complex than it appears. Therefore, we provide free resources to help aspiring small business owners understand what they need to do to be successful and make a more informed decision about starting their own business is the best career choice for them.


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