About Us

At Foundertable, we teach marginalised women how to build sustainable and profitable businesses so they can make the impact they desire to make

We curate high-end events and programs that connect female entrepreneurs with successful founders, corporate buyers and investors so they can learn from their knowledge and build strategic relationships.

Our mission:

1.) To become a go-to resource centre for female entrepreneurs

Looking to start or grow a profitable business or get answers to your burning questions? That’s why this site and community exist. We currently provide resources for female entrepreneurs.

2.) Fund Startups

We plan to help female entrepreneurs find the seed capital they need to launch a successful business. We share pitch decks, business plans and funding opportunities.


Why Women?

Women need economic power.

Many women are not generating enough revenue to fund their dreams. Studies show that women are overworked, underpaid and underfunded. This leaves many women mentally and physically stressed and financially broke.

Let’s consider the stats.

Women-founded companies employ up to 11 million people, yet only about 2.3% of venture capital goes to women entrepreneurs.
Women run 40% of small businesses but generate only 4% of the revenue.
Men are 3.5 more likely to reach the million-dollar mark than women.

Women are more likely than men to be impoverished in retirement.

Our mission is to build an ecosystem where women can achieve economic power – financial freedom to fund their dreams, occupy decision-making positions or build a successful businesses.

How we do it

We want women, especially women of colour, to have the resources they need to build their businesses and achieve their dreams. We make business development training accessible through our blogs, newsletters, and online courses. Our members are connected to corporate buyers and funders through curated events and roundtables – so they can access potential clients and funds to grow their business and impact. We believe empowering women entrepreneurs will help drive gender equity and innovation.

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