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Rise and Lead Founder Table is an education and media company that connects established founders in education and e-commerce with aspiring founders and small business owners. We share resources through our blogs, podcasts, and courses.

Entrepreneurs face many obstacles when building a business; challenges like:

  • finding the right market
  • Validating your ideas
  • Finding a product-market fit
  • Creating consistent revenue
  • Getting started with online marketing and sales
  • Finding joint venture partnerships for exponential growth
  • Understanding basic questions like business legal structure, international shipping, and taxes

You can deal with each challenge with the help of people who have been there. The Rise and Lead Founder is here to help you.


Ebere Akadiri is the founder/ CEO of Rise and Lead Women and the creator of Rise and Lead Founder. She has started and launched more than four businesses from scratch, created signature products and has experience running an international company. Ebere brings tremendous expertise in what it means to start small, find the right idea, the right market and access capital to grow and expand her business. With her twenty years of business experience, she now coaches and mentors entrepreneurs who are where she was exactly 20 years ago. She shares her wisdom, knowledge, what not to do, and what to do to grow and expand a thriving business.
She has helped in creating several brands through her mentorship programs and workshops. She currently serves as an active curriculum developer for impact organisations and educational institutions, writing curricula on entrepreneurship and leadership education. She is the co-founder of Ataro Marketplace, the host of The Rise and lead TV Show and Podcast

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