How to Build A Sustainable Small Business

Every startup owner desires to launch a successful business that gives them the freedom and financial independence that made them quit a job. But according to studies, 20% of small businesses fail within the first year, and 50% fail within 5 years. If you have seen this study, you might

How to get clear about your startup idea

The pandemic has forced so many people to reconsider their choices. While so many companies had to lay off their employees, many employees are re-evaluating their options. This has led to what we now call the ‘great resignation’. The ‘Great Resignation‘ is a term coined by Organizational Psychologist, Anthony Klotz.


Entrepreneurship Funding

“The best position to be in when ‘fund raising’ for your business is to have good product-market fit”. The lifeblood of every company is capital; consequently, the greatest challenge for an entrepreneur is funding. From statics provided by Inc magazine, 3.8% of funding are Government grants, 6.5% represents Venture capitalists, 7.5% are


6 Tips on How to Choose the Right Business Name

Once you’ve decided to create your own start-up business, and grow your client list, you may run into the common problem of not knowing what to name it! Naming a small business can be intimidating for many small business owners, but it doesn’t have to be as tricky as it


Why Rise and Lead Founder Table?

You know how the entire world has been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, while many small businesses gravely impacted due to movement restrictions. A Goldman Sachs survey of over 1,500 small business owners found that more than 50% of small businesses will not operate beyond three months due to the

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