Event Creation Strategy For Professionals


The event creation strategy for professionals who want to elevate their brand, increase their reach and make an impact.

You have the power to impact the world

You can create an in-person or virtual event that fosters connections, empowers others, and builds a community for long-lasting business success.

As a busy professional, too many activities beg for your attention. At the same time, you are responsible for bringing in new customers, bringing awareness to new products or services and building relationships with new and existing clients or stakeholders.

What if you could accelerate your reach and quickly expand existing clients?

The event creation course guides you through proven strategies and tools to help you create an engaging and impactful event. Adding events as part of your business strategy will help to elevate your brand, increase your reach and build valuable strategic relationships.

How does this work?

Consider that you are a consultant or service provider trying to reach specific clients or demographics. Creating an event that brings that community together and provides them with an immediate solution that aligns with your offers will help the guests get to know and trust you, build credibility and put your product or service in front of your potential buyers.

We not only teach you how to create an event, but we also show you how to:

    • Identify the event format that aligns with your business objectives and personality.
    • Attract corporate sponsors and turn them into lifelong partners or clients.
    • Create messaging that helps you fill up your event seats
    • Create a consistent pipeline of qualified clients that leads to new business opportunities. 

The result?

  • Be equipped with the skill, framework, and templates you need to create an engaging event that is professionally done and attracts your ideal clients
  • Be seen as an industry leader,  increase your brand recognition, and attract more potential prospects or partners. 
  • Connect with your ideal clients in a friendly environment and open up discussions that lead to long-lasting relationships 
  • Easily present your product or services, allowing guests to learn more about your company’s offering without a sales pitch.

Welcome to the Event Creation Strategy
For Professionals

The event creation course and strategies that helps you to elevate your brand, increase your reach and revenue and make an impact.

The Event Creation Strategy
For Professionals

 Course Includes:

  • Scheduled weekly coaching calls with Ebere Akadiri, entrepreneur and founder of Rise and Lead Women, where we go through selecting your event format and steps for planning a successful event, in-person or virtual.
  • Private FB group to connect and network with others
  • Access to the weekly coaching calls recording so you can always go back to any detail you’ve missed, delivered to your email sent one day after the scheduled call. 
  • Your Event Planning toolkit includes templates, worksheets, resources, email scripts, sponsors, media pitches, and tools to help you run a successful event.

Choose the right plan for you

What we will cover

Week One – Decide on your Event Concept

A successful event starts with clarity on who the event is for, what the event will achieve and a compelling theme that makes attendees sign up. 

In the first week, we’ll analyse different event formats and focus on how to come up with your event theme, set your goals, and create a timeline.

You will decide on what type of event you wish to create and name your event.

Week Two -Craft Your Messaging

Most events fail to attract the RIGHT audience due to inconsistent messaging and a lack of clarity on who the event is for and what it will accomplish.

Creating the right message starts with knowing who your potential clients are. Define their needs and craft a message that helps them to discover your event.

Week 2 will be dedicated to how we can get your target audience to fill your event seats.

Week Three – Find and Reach out to speakers.

A good event MUST attract speakers who can add value to your audience and new guests.

You must select speakers based on the value the speakers bring to your audience and not only on who you know. You will receive the tools to find the right speakers and the exact script to use in reaching out to complex to-reach speakers.

Week Four: Get Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are a must-have for your event. They help you amplify and bring their community to your event. How do you identify the right ones, what do you promise them, and how do you inspire them to promote your event? This will all be covered in this session.

Week Five – Get Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors can help you to elevate your brand and generate extra revenue for your business. Your corporate sponsors can eventually become your client or strategic partner. Who do you exactly reach out to, how do you reach out, and what do you tell them?

You will get all the tools, guidance and outreach script on engaging sponsors and getting them to say yes, even if you’re launching a for-profit or first-time event.

Week 6: Your marketing strategy and launch plan

No matter how great your event planning looks, you will not reach your event goal without well-planned and focused marketing. 

This session will give you the marketing plan, strategies, scripts and timeline to help you launch a successful event.

Bonus Materials

Event Toolkit, which includes

  • Speaker management SOP
  • Attendees management SOP

Sample of Event Timeline

– Digital tools and resources for your virtual event.

The Event Planning For Impact Makers Course is For You If:

  • You want to expand your audience’s reach beyond your community.
  • You want a new way to connect with your network and target a new audience.
  • You want to scale your business and offer new ways to provide your service. 


When and how often will the Live coaching calls be?

Live Webinars are scheduled for 6 weeks, every Wednesday at 7 pm CET, beginning January 11 to February 25, 2023

What if I can't make it to one of the coaching calls?

We encourage that you set some time aside and attend all Live calls so as not to miss out on the discussion and Q&A, but we understand that life can be unpredictable, and there are certain circumstances we cannot avoid. In which case, we will still send you the full recording of the Live Webinar so you can still learn all the lessons for the missed week. 

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