Turn your small business into an innovative company that works even when you stop working


12-Week Strategy, Planning & Mastermind Group
for Entrepreneurial Leaders


What if you had the revenue, stability and space
to relax while running a successful business?

You started your business in search of not only impact but freedom. You’ve done well, yet now that you’re a few years in, you wonder if the freedom you dreamed of is unrealistic.

Maybe this business is wearing you out. Perhaps it feels like you’ve hit a wall. But it has nothing to do with your industry being impossible or you not have what it takes.

Talented, capable people hit this wall all the time. It’s understandable. A new entrepreneur’s priority is to get money in the door and make their customers happy.

They may be doing it all themselves, constantly learning new tactics and skills. Or perhaps they’re delegating fast as they can, only to be swamped with management duties.

Either way, in all the hustle, they miss an essential step:

They haven’t set up the foundational structure and strategy that determines whether or not a business is sustainable, scalable and saleable.

Stop chasing opportunities
and putting out fires.

Start leading a business
that grows, scale quickly,
and create long-term value.

I want you to have everything you need to make the difference you want to make

so you can move from being a talented small business founder to the leader of a well-resourced company. One you could eventually sell!

I believe that when we take the time for business development, we don’t have to repeat scary entrepreneurial stories about overwhelm and burnout often caused by a lack of direction.

In this 10-Month Mastermind and Training, we are going back to the drawing board to make the most of everything you’ve built and design the foundations for a business that grows and lasts.

I help you redesign the foundations of your business
with a 7-Pillar Strategic Business Development Plan. The result?

This is the kind of business I’m here to guide you in planning.

That wall does not have to stop you.

Ready to Step back from the hustle
and step up into leadership?


Hi, I’m Ebere Akadiri.

I created this group to share what I’ve learned over the past 22 years of starting, growing and scaling businesses.

On my journey starting a retail business, scaling a multiple branch restaurant, launching an international spice packaging brand, publishing a book and consulting for founders and CEOS, I’ve frequently been advised that starting up in the industries I wanted to be in was too stressful to be worth it. 

Men and women founders alike told me how hard it was, how much money they were losing, how overwhelmed they felt by the day-to-day.

I valued their insights. They helped me apply strategic solutions to ensure the problems they faced didn’t happen in my business. It’s not that I didn’t ever have failures. It’s that I had structures and a foundation to fall back on so that when a risk didn’t work out, I could get back up and keep growing steadily. Plus, I had the confidence in my systems to let go, so I wasn’t exhausting myself every time I wanted to scale.

My insight? I’ve been an entrepreneur from the beginning. I wasn’t a chef or a fashion designer; I was a businesswoman with a vision for restaurants, spices, boutiques and now an event and education brand. I had a certain distance from the technical profession involved, allowing me to let go and rely on other people, which is what all entrepreneurs must do.

I believe we can all give ourselves this kind of freedom and support, even when we are accustomed to being the main talent or the technician in our businesses. 

Instead of overstretching ourselves, we can learn to be strategic. We can create processes that make it easier to rely on other people and let go of the day-to-day.

Instead of having our revenues drained by money and energy leaks, we can have systems that serve and protect our vision. 

We can have revenue plans that make our vision livable for ourselves and our teams. And we can draw in the right clients and have them served with excellence. 

In short, you can become the leader that your business needs for direction and growth.

This is what I want for us.

Let’s develop the leadership mindset and build the strategy
that will give you actual freedom.

The Strategy Incubator is a 12-week group mentorship and mastermind training for small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business in a way that frees them to do more of what matters.

Throughout the program, you will learn and take action to improve efficiency, build a thriving team, and design a more innovative business model that generates the revenue you need without wearing you out.

My Strategic Planning Framework is based on over 22 years of experience starting, scaling and selling successful businesses, plus more than 10 years of mentoring other business owners across many industries to do the same. 

The ABCDs of The Growth Strategy Incubator FRAMEWORK:


ALIGN: We make sure your plans fit your dreams, vision, values and guiding principles and help you see your path with an entrepreneurial mindset. Unlike “money mindset,” this is about understanding your purpose, vision and what you need to grow at each level of your business. It’s bigger thinking that equips you to make decisions in alignment with your goals and values at every step.


How can you balance your big picture vision with all the different areas of your life? How can you build a team that’s well-resourced and self-sufficient? Determine what you need to focus on now, next year and in 3 years to create a business that gives you both fulfilment and freedom.


 I guide you by creating a business strategy and planning process covering the 7 Business Development Pillars needed to run a successful, scalable business.  We define the vision, strategy to turn the vision into reality, unique value, company structure, processes and systems, performance management and consequence management. We design a plan of action for all the strategic pillars, so you’re confident in what needs to be done, delegated and what you need to focus on as the founder.

D. Direct

 Now you’re ready to direct attention for all the right reasons. Reposition your business in the market to attract partners, clients and customers, without wearing you or your team out. We fine-tune sales and digital marketing strategies for you to have the impact, revenue and freedom you dreamed of before starting your business.

Have the structures in place
to experience freedom, focus and flow
in your business.



Visioning, Strategic Planning & Operations Design

Entrepreneurs need to focus on the big picture and the company’s future. Learn to develop vision-aligned goals, plans for action and ways to measure results for accountability. 


Marketing Plan & Strategy

Attract new customers every day and keep the old ones coming back. Have the guidance for implementing streamlined marketing, publicity and customer care strategies that make sense for your business.


Digital Business & Content Strategy

The world is now a digital space as much as a physical one.
Learn how you can leverage the right digital platforms to direct
attention from the right people to your brand. 


Sales Strategy & Planning

Let’s make sure you know your client, customer and target market well. Craft a clear sales message that appeals to your potential clients, find where they are and sell directly to them. 


Revenue and Profit Plan

How well do you know your numbers and understand your pricing? Here you’ll develop a robust and detailed plan for profit and cash flow, and budgeting, so you’re no longer running close to the red. 



Company Structure, Team Development & Management

Happy employees lead to satisfied customers. You’ll learn how to implement processes and guardrails to protect the team and 
the work during on-boarding, exits and day-to-day duties. 


Growth Partnerships

Scaling is rarely a solo effort. As I mentioned before, entrepreneurs rely on other people. What’s your plan for attracting the right partners? Here you’ll design and pitch deals that benefit everyone involved.

The Strategy Incubator


➢ 2x a Month Group Mentoring Sessions with Ebere Akadiri & Guest Experts to support you in taking strategic actions towards your goals.

Sessions are run with a mastermind style that focuses on immediate challenges, success stories, and action plans. We will dive deep into your challenges and share experiences. Session agendas are adaptable depending on the group’s needs. 

In some weeks, we might focus on one topic and explore it from a variety of angles. Other weeks, you’ll be put in the hot seat, and we’ll work out your business challenge.

We ask for 80% live attendance for all participants to benefit from the group.

Easy, STEP-BY-STEP systems, processes and tools for building your business plans according to a proven roadmap.

The curriculum, based on my 22 years of successfully starting, scaling and selling businesses, covers the whole business building process and any steps you may have missed, including visioning and culture, marketing and sales, operations, human resources and scaling.

No homework for homework’s sake: you’re getting easy how-tos, templates and tools you can use to take practical action, build smart structures and move your business forward in just two hours a week.

➢ A Private Group of fellow entrepreneurs and leaders who can share their expertise, feedback and support. 

Growing a small business can be lonely. You are the visionary, the strategist, the manager and the maker. It can all be overwhelming. We all benefit from having people in our lives who can relate. People who can support us and share notes on what works and what doesn’t. Who can offer tips and referrals, and feedback? This group can be that for you as you take this leap forward. 

The Investment

This investment covers your opportunity to work with me, my trusted business and leadership mentors and selected experts over 12 weeks, with access to our 7-Pillar Strategic Business Development Training and a community of entrepreneurs who are happy to support your growth.

€$1000/month for 3 months (pay before February, 2021) or

 a one-time payment of €3,000.


You will be expected to spend at least two hours every week completing the exercises and working on your business development.

We expect you to attend at least 80% of the meetings to be fair to the other participants. Where you can’t participate, the recording will be made available to you.

You can choose to pay 1000/month or 3,000 one time. There is a 50% scholarship; apply to see if you qualify.

Yes. This program is not for beginners. However, you can contact us to inquire about our Idea to Income classes. 

Ebere Akadiri will lead every session. Every other month, an expert guest teacher will join to share their business growth ideas on specific topics.

As a lot is put into preparing this program, there will be no refunds once the class has started.

Sessions are run with a mastermind style that focuses on your immediate challenges, success stories, and action plans. We will dive deep into your challenges and share experiences. Session agendas are adaptable depending on the group’s needs. In some weeks, we might focus on one topic and explore it from a variety of angles. Other weeks, you’ll be put in the hot seat, and we’ll work out your business challenge. 

Step back from the HUSTLE
and step up into leadership.

When you put foundational strategies in place, you no longer have to wear yourself out to generate the revenue you need in your business. 

When you step up into greater leadership, you can have the capacity to build something of value. A well-structured business that grows and lasts.

With a proper structure, you can reclaim the joy and sense of freedom you found when you first started your business. 

That’s what this program is all about. It gives you the strategy, processes and support you need to turn your hustle into a business that works even when you stop working.

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